IT services

IT consultancy services helps you to decide your IT landsape, transformational services

IT Consultancy Services: Helps you to decide your IT landsape, transformational services.
System Integration: Helps you to connect the dots and transform your IT to the next level.
Managed Services: MySungrass can enable you to focus on your Core business by ensuring that IT is being managed with implementation of best practices evolved from years of experience of its leadership team.
Application Development: MySungrass can help you build your applications and also manage your applications. We also help in content development, mobile application development.
Products: Supply of desktops, laptops, servers , storages, printers based on the partnership with the OEM.
Document Management: Helps manage and retrieve your documents in a scientific way.
AMC: Helps manage the old IT assets and current assets through annual maintenance contracts. Multi-location support, multi-vendor support are no longer an issue, thanks to Sungrass.


No more worries of missing deadlines, paying huge penalty for not renewing insurance on time.

We give your reminders for two years for a nominal fee and also help you to plan your budget , compare your actual spend with the planned budget.